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Professor of Political Science
University of North Texas

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Notable Recent Changes to Site

Teaching: Added my Spring 2015 syllabi and office hours.

My Research: Added a link to the 2015 Nemeth/Mitchell/Nyman/Hensel II article on the management of maritime issues, 2015 Hensel/Mitchell JPR article on best practices in data collection, 2015 Hensel/Macaulay ISAć paper on shared ethnic groups and territorial claims, 2014 Macaulay/Hensel ISA paper and 2013 PSSI poster on natural resources and territorial conflict, and my 2013 Budapest paper on identifying the most dangerous territorial claims. Updated my online CV for the first time in a while. Among other things, I added links to the 2013 Hensel/Fattore/Allison ISA paper on trade after territorial claims, the 2012 Brochmann/Hensel/Tir ISA paper on treaties and the management of international rivers, my 2011 ISA/EPSA paper on territorial claims and conflict between neighbors, and the various data sets that I have created and released publicly.

My Data: Released version 1.0 of the ICOW Colonial History data and version 1.50 of the MTOPS data (December 2014), version 1.01 of the ICOW Territorial Claims data set for the entire world, 1816-2001 (March 2014); version 1.0 of the ICOW International River Basins data set (March 2014); and an updated version of the ICOW Historical State names data set (December 2013). Updated the ICOW territorial claims and river claims coding manuals (December 2013). Added links to the ICOW Facebook page from all ICOW-related pages on this site, and added links to the COW interstate system membership list on all ICOW data pages (after getting several questions from users about how to interpret the country codes in our data).

Other: Updated much of site, particularly the newspaper pages (Dec. 2013-Jan. 2014); added printer-friendly stylesheet to each page (April 2013). Coming soon: reorganize site, combining some of the poli sci pages and some of the online resources included on my course syllabus pages.
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