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This web page serves as an Internet appendix to Paul Hensel's "Review of Available Data Sets" chapter in the Scientific Study of International Processes (SSIP) section's volume in the ISA Compendium Project, which has been updated from the chapter in the original ISA-wide Compendium.

This page provides links to download the data sets that have been used most frequently in recent research by SSIP scholars, categorized by the typical usage for each data set. Data sets within each category are organized alphabetically.

The "Source" entry for each data set indicates the best place to obtain it. Where possible, this is the official site where the data set is maintained, which should always have the most up-to-date version. Also note that some data sets that are listed as being available by purchase only can be purchased by an entire institution through a site license; interested users may want to check with their school's library to see whether these resources are already available to them before paying the fee to access the data individually.

The "Typical Uses" entry for each data set indicates the most common uses for the data in recent years. Note that some data sets are very broad, and can be used for multiple purposes. Where relevant, data sets are listed under several different categories, as with data sets that are commonly used for studying both armed conflict and conflict management.

Please email me with any updates or corrections to the information on this page. I have made every effort to make sure that this information is correct and complete at the time of publication, but there will inevitably be changes as data sets are moved to new hosts or new URLs.

Lists of States / Country Codes

Most of these data sets use one of the following lists of country codes to identify observations.

COW interstate system list

Gleditsch/Ward state list

ISO 3166-1 country codes (as used by the UN and many international agencies)

Conversions between these formats:

Interstate Conflict Data

Armed Conflict data (from Uppsala Conflict Data Program and PRIO)

COW Interstate War data

COW Militarized Interstate Dispute (MID) data

COW MID Location data

DYMID (Maoz' dyadic MID data)

Fortna's "Duration of Peace after Interstate Wars" data

International Crisis Behavior (ICB) Crisis data

International Military Intervention (IMI) data - including earlier Pearson/Baumann data as well as more recent Kisangani/Pickering data

Lacina/Gleditsch Battle Deaths data

Military Intervention by Powerful States (MIPS) data

UCDP One-Sided Violence data (introduced in Eck/Hultman 2007 JPR article)

Valentino/Huth/Croco "Covenants without the Sword" data

Event Data

Conflict and Mediation Event Observations (CAMEO)

Conflict and Peace Databank (COPDAB)

Integrated Data for Events Analysis (IDEA)

Kansas Events Data System (KEDS)

King/Lowe "10 Million International Dyadic Events" data

Protocol for the Analysis of Nonviolent Direct Action (PANDA)

World Events Interaction Survey (WEIS)

World Handbook of Political and Social Indicators

Interstate Rivalry

Hewitt's Crisis Density Rivalry data

Klein/Goertz/Diehl Rivalry data

Strategic Rivalry data (from William Thompson)

Contentious Issues

COW Territorial Change data

Huth/Allee Territorial Dispute data

ICOW Territorial Claim, River Claim, and Maritime Claim data

Intrastate, Civil, Ethnic, and Non-State Conflict Data

Armed Conflict data (from Uppsala Conflict Data Program and PRIO)

Armed Conflict Location and Events Data (ACLED)

Banks' Cross-National Time Series Archive data

Correlates of Insurgency data (from Lyall and Wilson)

COW Extrastate War data (formerly Extrasystemic War data)

COW Intrastate War data (formerly Civil War data)

Doyle/Sambanis "International Peacebuilding" data (from 2000 APSR article)

Fearon/Laitin Ethnicity, Insurgency, and Civil War data

Fortna's "Peacekeeping in Civil Wars" data

Lacina/Gleditsch Battle Deaths data

Minorities at Risk data

Regan's Interventions in Civil Wars (ICW) data

State Failure Project / Political Instability Task Force data

Third Party Interventions in Intrastate Disputes (TPI-Intrastate Disputes) data (from Mullenbach and Dixon)

UCDP Conflict Termination data

UCDP Managing Intrastate Low-Intensity Conflict (MILC) data

UCDP Non-State Conflict data

UCDP One-Sided Violence data (introduced in Eck/Hultman 2007 JPR article)

UCDP Peace Agreement data

World Handbook of Political and Social Indicators

Human Rights and Repression

CIRI (Cingranelli/Richards) Human Rights data

Political Terror Scale


Global Terrorism Database (from the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism or START)

Institute for Counterterrorism (ICT) International Terrorism Database

International Terrorism: Attributes of Terrorist Events (ITERATE)

Rand Database of Worldwide Terrorism Incidents (incorporating the material previously in the RAND Terrorism Chronology and the RAND-MIPT Terrorism Incident Database)

Terrorism, Insurgencies, and Guerrillas in Education and Research (TIGER) Suicide Attacks Worldwide data

Terrorism, Insurgencies, and Guerrillas in Education and Research (TIGER) Terrorist Groups Worldwide data

U.S. State Department Country Reports on Terrorism (formerly Patterns of Global Terrorism)

Peaceful Conflict Management Data

Bercovitch's International Conflict Management data set

Huth/Allee Territorial Dispute data

ICB Crisis data

ICOW Territorial Claim, River Claim, and Maritime Claim data

Economic Data

Bank for International Settlements' International Financial Statistics

Belgian Export Credit Agency (ONDD) Credit Insurance data

Chinn/Ito Capital Account Openness (KAOPEN) data

Cukierman et al. Central Bank data (from Cukierman/Webb/Neyapti 1992 WBER and Cukierman/Webb 1995 WBER articles)

Deininger/Squire "Measuring Income Inequality" data (from 1996 WBER article)

Fraser Institute's "Economic Freedom in the World" data

Gleditsch's Expanded GDP data

IMF Balance of Payments data

IMF Government Finance Statistics

IMF International Financial Statistics

Klein/Shambaugh Exchange Rate Regimes data

KOF Index of Globalization (introduced in Dreher's 2006 Applied Economics article)

Maddison's Historical Statistics database

Penn World Tables

SIPRI Arms Transfers database

UNCTAD Handbook of Statistics

University of Texas Inequality Project (UTIP) data

World Bank Global Development Finance data (formerly World Debt Tables)

World Bank World Development Indicators

Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index

UNCTAD Bilateral Investment Treaties (BIT) and Double Taxation Treaties (DTT) data

Trade, Investment, and Aid

COW Trade data

Feenstra/Lipsey NBER-UN World Import and Export Data

Gleditsch's Trade data

IMF Annual Exchange Arrangements and Exchange Restrictions data (formerly Annual Report on Exchange Restrictions)

IMF Direction of Trade data

Kee/Nicita/Olarreaga Overall Trade Restrictiveness Indices and Import Demand Elasticities data

OECD International Development Statistics

OECD International Investment statistics


UNCTAD Trade Analysis and Information (TRAINS) data

Economic Sanctions

Hufbauer et al. Sanctions data

Marinov's Sanctions data

Threat and Imposition of Sanctions (TIES) data set

Geographic Data

Contiguity and Distance

CEPII Distance Dataset

COW Contiguity data

Furlong/Gleditsch Length of International Boundaries data

Gleditsch's Minimum Distance and Distance between Capital Cities data

Environmental and Resource Data

Collier/Hoeffler "Greed and Grievance" data

DIADATA Diamond data

DRUGDATA Drug Cultivation data

EM-DAT Emergency Events Database

Fearon/Laitin Ethnicity, Insurgency, and Civil War data

GEMDATA Gemstone data

Humphreys' Natural Resources data

ICOW River Claim data

PETRODATA Petroleum data

PRIO Shared River Basin data (from Toset, Gleditsch, and Hegre)

PRIO Shared Rivers data (from Toset, Gleditsch, and Hegre)

Transboundary Freshwater Dispute Database (TFDD)

UNFAO State of the World's Forests data

UNFAO Terrastat data

U.S. Geological Survey's Centennial Earthquake Catalog

World Resource Institute's World Resources data

Political Data

ACLP Democracy and Development data (Alvarez/Cheibub/Limongi/Przeworski; from 2000 book Democracy and Development)

Archigos (from Geomans/Gleditsch/Chiozza)

Cheibub/Gandhi/Vreeland "Democracy and Dictatorship Revisited" data

Comparative Political Data Sets (from Armingeon et al. at the University of Berne)

Data on International Election Monitoring (DIEM)

Democratic Electoral Systems around the World (from Golder's 2003 CPS article)

Freedom House data (Freedom in the World, Freedom of the Press)

Geddes' "Authoritarian Breakdown" data

Hadenius/Teorell Authoritarian Regimes data

Institutions and Elections Project (IAEP, collected by Regan and Clark)

International Country Risk Guide (ICRG), from Political Risk Services (PRS)

International IDEA Voter Turnout data

Johnson/Wallack Database of Electoral Systems and the Personal Vote (updating and extending Gaviria et al.'s Database of Particularism)

La Porta et al. "Quality of Government" and related data

Logic of Political Survival data (by Bueno de Mesquita/Smith/Siverson/Morrow, from 2000 book)

Multidimensional Intitutional Representation of Political Systems (MIRPS) - Scalar Index of Polities (SIP) data

Peceny/Beer/Sanchez-Terry "Dictatorial Peace" data (from 2002 APSR article)

Persson/Tabellini data (from Electoral Rules and Corruption, Economic Effects of Constitutions, and related projects)

Political Constraint Index/POLCON (introduced in Henisz' 2000 Economics & Politics article)

Polity IV (and earlier Polity data sets)

Polyarchy data (from Tatu Vanhanen)

Weeks' Autocratic Audience Costs data

Woldendorp/Keman/Budge Party Government in 48 Democracies data (from 2000 book)

World Bank Database of Political Institutions (introduced in Beck et al. 2001 WBER article; merged with Keefer checks & balances data)

World Bank Worldwide Governance Indicators

Power and Capability Data

See also the measures of economic capability discussed above. Many studies measure power/capabilities by GNP or GDP, which is highly correlated with the CINC score, although it is generally not available for as long a time span.

Arbetman/Kugler Relative Political Capacity data

COW National Material Capabilities data

Social and Demographic Data

Many of the economic data sets discussed above are also used for sociodemographic data, although the following sources generally focus more on social rather than economic factors in development:

OECD International Migration databases

UN World Urbanization Prospects (formerly World Urbanization Report)

WHO World Health Report

World Bank Migration and Remittances data


CIA World Factbook

COW Cultural data

Ethnic Power Relations (EPR) data, including geo-coded version GeoEPR

Fearon/Laitin Ethnicity, Insurgency, and Civil War data (see description in 2003 Journal of Economic Growth article)

Geo-Referencing of Ethnic Groups (GREG), based on geo-coding of Atlas Narodov Mira

Minorities at Risk data

Roeder's Ethnolinguistic Fractionalization (ELF) data

Survey Data


Chicago Council of Foreign Relations Public Opinion Survey



World Values Survey

Treaty, Institution, and International Law Data

Alliance Treaty Obligations and Provisions (ATOP) data

Continent of International Law (Koremenos et al.)

COW Alliance data

COW International Governmental Organization (IGO) data

Expected Utility Generation and Data Management Program (EUGene)

Formal Intergovernmental Organizations (FIGO) data

Gartzke/Jo "Affinity of Nations" data

ICOW Multilateral Treaties of Pacific Settlement (MTOPS) data

Morrow/Jo Laws of War data

Transboundary Freshwater Dispute Database (TFDD)

Voeten's Documenting Votes in the UN General Assembly data

Prominent Replication Data Sets

These data sets are used frequently for replicating or extending previously published research. They offer the advantage of a ready-made set of dependent, independent, and control variables, allowing the user to change one or two elements of a published study to investigate a potential new relationship without having to collect and code the remaining variables.

Expected Utility Generation and Data Management Program (EUGene)

Fearon/Laitin Ethnicity, Insurgency, and Civil War data

Peceny/Beer/Sanchez-Terry "Dictatorial Peace" data (from 2002 APSR article)

Poe/Tate data (from 1994 Poe/Tate APSR article and 1999 Poe/Tate/Keith ISQ article)

Russett/Oneal "Triangulating Peace" data (from 2001 book)

State Failure Project / Political Instability Task Force data

Replication Data Archives

Many journals now require that replication data be made available upon publication of scholarly research. Some users host their replication data sets on their personal web sites, but many opt to use these official archives. The author of this chapter, Paul Hensel, also maintains his own International Relations Data Site with links to additional resources not included on this page.

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