ICOW Historical State Names data set

The ICOW historical state names data set includes alternative names (or alternative spellings of names) for each nation-state in the COW interstate system. The primary purpose of this data set is to assist data coders (or other researchers using historical sources), who can often be confused by references to entity names that no longer exist or are no longer used (leading to a risk of ignored or miscoded data). The data set attempts to list all relatively common alternative names that have been used to refer to each state over the past two centuries, so that the researcher can determine easily that "New Granada" actually refers to Colombia rather than risking data loss or errors.

This data set is made available to assist researchers who encounter non-standard or non-current names for states or other entities in their research. Although many of these names appear to be obvious (as with spellings that differ by one letter from the common usage), others are not obvious at all (such as Colombia's previous name of Nueva/New Granada), and unaware coders may ignore or mis-code data as a result. This problem can be especially severe when using older sources for historical research, because many nation-states did not take their current names until the late nineteenth or twentieth centuries and were historically known by very different names, either as autonomous entities or as possessions of other states.

This can also be useful in designing search queries for searching news archives. Rather than just using the current name of the country, the user might try a search string that includes historical or alternative names or spellings, as well as proper adjectives and perhaps capital cities, in case a relevant news story didn't use the current spelling of the country's name. For example, rather than just searching for "Zimbabwe" the user might search for "(Zimbabwe OR Zimbabwean OR Rhodesia OR Rhodesian OR Harare)".

This web page will be updated with the latest version of this data set (beginning with version 1.0, which was the first version to be presented as a web page in HTML format). This offers important advantages to users, because one almost always has access to a web browser, while a specific spreadsheet may not always be handy.

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Historical State Names

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Note about Accent Marks

Many of these alternative names use various accent marks in non-English languages. I have generally left those accent marks out of this table for several reasons. First, they do not display equally well in all web browsers on all operating systems, so including them would likely make this page less useful because of all of the error codes or unexpected characters that would show up on some users' screens. Furthermore, one of the main uses for this page is searching for a text string to determine which country is being referred to (whether through a search engine like Google or, once the page is loaded, through the browser's Find command). Most users will not enter the accented character (and even if they did it may not translate correctly, depending on their web browser and operating system), so including those accent marks would only make the page less useful for its primary audience.

Note about Languages

This is not an effort to list country names in every major world language, as that would quickly lead this to become too long to be of much value. The primary goal is to list alternative or historical names that scholars or students are likely to run across in their research. As such, this data set emphasizes names or spellings that are (or were) typically used in the native language of the area, the language of the colonial ruler(s) if relevant, and any other common names or spellings that have typically been used in English-language sources at some point in the last two centuries.

Additions or Corrections?

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for additional names or spellings that are not included here yet, or any suggested corrections to information that is already here. It is always possible that the sources I consulted initially were mistaken or left out important information, so I always appreciate new information that will help improve the data set.

NumName Alternative Spellings / Names / Related Entities Primary Colonial Ruler Capital(s) since 1800 Adjective(s)
2United States of America US/U.S./United States; USA/U.S.A. 200 UK Washington D.C.American
20Canada British possessions: British North America

French possessions: New France
200 UK Ottawa (Kingston 1841-1843, Montreal 1843-1849, Toronto 1849-1859, Quebec City 1859-1865) Canadian
31Bahamas Bahama Islands; Lucayos 200 UK Nassau Bahaman, Bahamian
40Cuba (None) 230 Spain Havana Cuban
41Haiti Ayiti (native); Hayti; Saint-Domingue Port-au-Prince Haitian
42Dominican Republic Republica Dominicana; Saint Domingo; San Domingo; Santo Domingo Santo Domingo (renamed as Ciudad Trujillo from 1930-1967 until Trujillo's death) Dominican, Santo Domingan
51Jamaica St. Jago; Santiago; Xaymaca Kingston (Santiago de la Vega in colonial times) Jamaican
52Trinidad & Tobago Trinidad: Bella Forma; Trinity

Tobago: Tapuago (native)
Port-of-Spain Trinidadian, Tobagonian, Tobagan
53Barbados Barbadoes Bridgetown Barbadan, Barbadian, Bajan
54Dominica Isla Dominga Roseau Dominican
55Grenada Concepcion; Granada; La Grenade St. George's Grenadan, Grenadian
56Saint Lucia Hewanorra (native); Sainte Lucie; Santa Lucia Castries St. Lucian, Saint Lucian, Santa Lucian
57Saint Vincent & Grenadines St. Vincent: Hairoun (native)

Grenadines: Grenadilles
Kingstown St. Vincentian, Saint Vincentian, Vincentian, Grenadine
58Antigua & Barbuda Santa Maria de Antigua St. John's Antiguan, Barbudan
60Saint Kitts & Nevis St. Kitts-Nevis

St. Kitts: Liamuiga (native); St. Christopher; San Cristobal
Basseterre Kittitian, Nevisian
70Mexico Estados Unidos Mexicanos; Mejico; Mexican Empire; Mexican Republic; United Mexican States Mexico City Mexican
80Belize Balize; Belice; British Bay Settlement; British Honduras Belmopan (Belize City until 1970) Belizean, Belizian
90Guatemala (none) Guatemala City Guatemalan
91Honduras (none) Tegucigalpa Honduran
92El Salvador Saint Salvador; Salvador; San Salvador San Salvador Salvadoran
93Nicaragua Nicarahua Managua Nicaraguan
94Costa Rica Rich Coast San Jose Costa Rican, Tico
95Panama Castilla de Oro/Castilla del Oro; State of the Isthmus Panama City Panamanian
100Colombia Columbia; Gran Colombia; Granadine Confederation; Great Colombia; Greater Colombia; Grenadine Confedaration; New Granada; Nueva Granada Bogota Colombian, Columbian
101Venezuela Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Caracas Venezuelan
110Guyana British Guiana; Guayana

Included Berbice, Demerara, Essequibo
Georgetown Guyanan, Guyanese
115Suriname Dutch Guiana; Netherlands Guiana; Surinam; Willoughbyland Paramaribo Surinamese
130Ecuador Estado del Ecuator; State of the Equator Quito Ecuadoran, Ecuadorean, Ecuadorian
135Peru Perou; Peruvian Republic

Part of Peru-Bolivia Confederation (1836-1839)
Lima Peruvian
140Brazil Brasil Brasilia (Rio de Janeiro until 1960) Brazilian
145Bolivia Charcas; Upper Peru

Part of Peru-Bolivia Confederation (1836-1839)
Sucre (official), La Paz (administrative) Bolivian
150Paraguay Guaira; Paraguai Asuncion Paraguayan
155Chile Chili, Chilli Santiago (official), Valparaiso (legislative) Chilean
160Argentina Argentine Confederation; Argentine Nation; Argentine Republic; Platine Republic; United Provinces of La Plata; United Provinces of Rio de la Plata; United Provinces of South America Buenos Aires Argentine, Argentinian
165Uruguay Banda Oriental; Estado Oriental del Uruguay; Province of Montevideo; Provincia Oriental del Rio de la Plata; República Oriental del Uruguay Montevideo Uruguayan
200United Kingdom Albion; Britain; Britannia; England; Great Britain (1707+); UK/U.K.; United Kingdom of Great Britain (1707-1801); United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (1801-1927); United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (1927+) London British, English
205Ireland Eire (1937-1948); Erin; Hibernia; Irish Free State; Irish Republic; Saorstat Eireann

Part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (1801-1922)
Dublin Irish
210Netherlands Batavian Republic / Batavian Commonwealth (1795-1806); Holland; Nederland; Republic of the United Provinces; United Netherlands (1813-1815)

Part of the Low Countries or Nether Lands
Amsterdam (official); The Hague (administrative, legislative, and judicial) Dutch
211Belgium Belgie; Belgien; Belgique

Part of the Low Countries or Nether Lands
Brussels Belgian
212Luxembourg Letzebuerg; Luxemburg Luxembourg City Luxembourgian, Luxemburgian
220France French Empire; French Republic; L'Hexagone; Republique Francaise Paris (Vichy was the capital of the Vichy French regime from 1940-1942, while the rest of France was occupied by Germany) French
221Monaco Fort-Hecule/Fort Hecule

Included Menton and Roquebrone
Monaco Monacan, Monegasque
223Liechtenstein (none) Vaduz (none)
225Switzerland Helvetia; Helvetica; Helvetic Republic or Helvetian Republic (under Napoleon); Schweiz; Suisse; Svizzera; Svizra; Swiss Confederation Bern Swiss
230Spain Espainia; Espana; Espanya Madrid (San Sebastian served as 19th Century summer capital; Valencia served as government of the Second Spanish Republic in the Spanish Civil War from 1936-1939) Spanish
232Andorra (none) Andorra la Vella Andorran
235Portugal (none) Lisbon (Rio de Janeiro 1808-1821 while leaders fled to Brazil) Portuguese
240Hanover Hannover Hannover Hanoverian
245Bavaria Bayern Munich Bavarian
255Germany Deutsches Reich; Deutschland; German Empire

The COW project and many scholars consider Prussia (Preussen) to be the predecessor of Germany before unification.
Berlin (Bonn briefly after unification in 1990?) German
260German Federal Republic Federal Republic of Germany (FRG); West Germany Bonn West German
265German Democratic Republic Deutsche Demokratische Republik (DDR); East Germany; German Democratic Republic (GDR) East Berlin East German
267Baden Aquae Panoniae; Baden bei Wien Karlsruhe Badenese
269Saxony Sachsen Dresden Saxon
271Wuerttemburg Wurttemburg Stuttgart Wuerttemburgian, Wurttemburgian
273Hesse Electoral Electoral Hesse; Hesse/Hessen - Kassel/Cassel; Kurhessen Kassel/Cassel Hessian
275Hesse Grand Ducal Ducal Hesse; Hesse/Hessen - Darmstadt Darmstadt Hessian
280Mecklenburg Schwerin (none) Schwerin (Ludwigslust from 1765-1837) Mecklenburgian
290Poland Polska; Rceczypospolita Polska Warsaw (govt in exile during WWII: Paris 1939-1940, London 1940-1990; de facto capital: Lublin 1944-1945, Lodz 1945-1947) Polish
300Austria-Hungary Dual Monarchy; Hapsburg/Habsburg Empire Vienna Austrian, Hungarian, Hapsburg, Habsburg
305Austria Osterreich Vienna Austrian
310Hungary Magyar Nepkoxtarsasag; Magyar Republic; Magyarorszag; Ungarn Budapest Hungarian
315Czechoslovakia Ceskoslovensko; Czecho-Slovakia Prague Czechoslovakian, Czech
316Czechia / Czech Republic Bohemia and Moravia; Ceska Republika Prague Czech
317Slovakia Slovak Republic; Slovenska Republika; Slovensko Bratislava Slovakian, Slovak
325Italy Italia

The COW project and many scholars consider Piedmont-Sardinia (Savoy/Savoie/Savoia, Sardinia/Sardegna, Piedmont/Piemonte, or Piedmont-Sardinia/Sardinia-Piedmont) to be the predecessor of Italy before unification.
Rome (Torino 1861-1865, Florence 1865-1871) Italian (previously Piedmontese, Sardinian)
327Papal States Lo Stato della Chiesa; Roman Republic; States of the Church; Stati Pontificii Rome Papal, Roman
329Two Sicilies Included Sicily and Naples Naples Sicilian, Neapolitan
331San Marino (none) San Marino San Marinese, Sammarinese
332Modena (none) Modena Modenese
335Parma (none) Parma Parmese, Parmesan
337Tuscany Toscana Florence Tuscan
338Malta (none) Valletta Maltese
339Albania Shqiperi; Shqipni; Shqipri Tirana (Vlore from 1912-1920) Albanian
341Montenegro Crno Gora; Tsernagora Podgorica (Cetinje until 1946) Montenegrin
343Macedonia Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM); Makedonija Skopje Macedonian
344Croatia Hrvatska Zagreb Croatian, Croat
345Yugoslavia Serbia (pre-1919 and 2006+); Serbia & Montenegro (1990s); Srbija i Crna Gora; Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes (official name 1918-29); Jugoslavia Belgrade Yugoslavian, Yugoslav, Serbian, Serb
346Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosna i Hercegovina / BiH; Bosnia and Hercegovina Sarajevo Bosnian, Herzegovinian
347Kosovo Kosova; Kossovo Pristina Kosovan, Kosovar
349Slovenia Slovenija Ljubljana Slovenian, Slovene
350Greece Ellada; Ellas; Hellas Athens (Nafplion 1821-1836) Greek
352Cyprus Kibris; Kypros Nicosia Cypriot
355Bulgaria Balgarija; Republika Bulgariya Sofia Bulgarian
359Moldova Bessarabia; Moldau; Moldavia; Moldavian Republic Chisinau (Iasi capital of Moldavia until 1862 when unified with Wallachia to form Romania) Moldovan
360Romania Dacia (ancient); Roumania; Rumania Bucharest (Iasi capital of Moldavia until 1862 when unified with Wallachia to form Romania; Bucharest was capital of Wallachia; Cluj capital of Transylvania until unified with Romania in 1918) Romanian
365Russia Rossija; Rossiya; Rus; Russian Federation; Soviet Union; Union of Soviet Socialist Republics/USSR/CCCP Moscow (Saint Petersburg 1712-1914 - renamed Petrograd 1914-1918) Russian, Soviet
366Estonia Eesti; Esthonia Tallinn Estonian
367Latvia Latvija; Lettland Riga Latvian
368Lithuania Lietuva Vilnius (Kaunas 1922-1940) Lithuanian
369Ukraine Ukrajina; Ukrayina Kyiv/Kiev Ukrainian
370Belarus Belarus; Belarusia; Bielarus; Bielorussia; Byelorussia; White Russia Minsk Belarusian, Belarusan, Byelorussian, White Russian
371Armenia Hayasdan; Hayastan Yerevan Armenian
372Georgia Gruziya; Sakartvelo Tbilisi Georgian
373Azerbaijan Azerbaidjan; Azerbaycan Baku Azerbaijani, Azeri
375Finland Suome Tasavalta; Suomi Helsinki (Turku until 1812) Finnish
380Sweden Sverige Stockholm Swedish
385Norway Noreg; Norge Oslo (known as Christiania 1624-1924) Norwegian
390Denmark Danmark Copenhagen Danish
395Iceland Island Reykjavik Icelandic
402Cape Verde Cabo Verde; Ilhas do Cabo Verde Praia Cape Verdean, Cabo Verdean
403Sao Tome and Principe Sao Tome e Principe Sao Tome Sao Tomean
404Guinea-Bissau Guine-Bissau; Portuguese Guinea Bissau (Bolama 1879-1941, Boe 1973-1974) Bissau-Guinean
411Equatorial Guinea Guinea Ecuatorial; Spanish Guinea Malabo Equatorial Guinean, Equatoguinean
420Gambia Part of Senegambia confederation (1982-89) Banjul Gambian
432Mali French Sudan; Haut Senegal; Sudanese Republic (1958-60); Upper Senegal; Upper Senegal & Niger (through 1920) Bamako Malian
433Senegal Saint Louis

Part of Senegambia confederation (1982-89)
Dakar Senegalese
434Benin Dahomey Porto-Novo (official), Cotonou (de facto) Beninese
435Mauritania Mauretania; Mauritanie; Muritaniyyah Nouakchott Mauritanian
436Niger (none) Niamey (Zinder 1899-1926) Nigerien
437Ivory Coast Cote d'Ivoire; Ivory Coast Yamoussoukro (official), Abidjan (administrative) (Grand Bassam 1893-1900, Bingerville 1900-1933, Abidjan 1933-1983) Ivorian, Ivoirian
438Guinea French Guinea; Guine; Guinea-Conacri/Conakri/Conakry; Guinee; Rivieres du Sud Conakry Guinean
439Burkina Faso Bourkina-Fasso/Bourkina Fasso; Haute-Volta/Haute Volta; Upper Volta (through 1984); Voltaic Republic Ouagadougou Burkinabe, Burkinese
450Liberia Cape Mesurado Colony; Grain Coast Monrovia Liberian
451Sierra Leone Freedom Province Freetown Sierra Leonean, Sierra Leonian
452Ghana Gold Coast (includes British Togoland) Accra (Cape Coast until 1877) Ghanaian
461Togo French Togo/French Togoland (British Togoland became part of Ghana); Togoland; Togolese Republic Lome (Aneho from 1880s-1897) Togolese
471Cameroon British Cameroons / French Cameroons; Cameroons; Cameroun; Kamerun Yaounde Cameroonian
475Nigeria Federation of Nigeria; Niger Coast Protectorate; Oil Rivers Protectorate Abuja (Lagos until 1991) Nigerian
481Gabon Gabonese Republic; Gaboon; Gabun; Republique Gabonaise Libreville Gabonese
482Central African Republic Central African Empire/CAE/C.A.E.; CAR/C.A.R.; Kodorosese ti Beafrika; Oubangi-Chari; Republique Centrafricaine; Ubangi-Shari Bangui Central African
483Chad Bornu (pre-colonial); Tasad; Tchad N'Djamena Chadian
484Congo Congo-Brazzaville; French Congo; Middle Congo; Moyen Congo; Republic of the Congo Brazzaville Congolese
490 Democratic Republic of the CongoBelgian Congo; Congo-Kinshasa; DRC; Zaire (1971-97) Kinshasa (Renamed from Leopoldville in 1966) Congolese
500Uganda (none) Kampala Ugandan
501Kenya British East Africa Protectorate; Kenia Nairobi Kenyan
510Tanzania German East Africa; Tanganyika (1920-64) Dodoma (official), Dar es Salaam (administrative) Tanzanian, Tanganyikan
511Zanzibar (none) Zanzibar City Zanzibari
516Burundi Uburundi; Urundi Bujumbura Burundian
517Rwanda Ruanda Kigali Rwandan
520Somalia British Somaliland/Somaliland Protectorate; Italian Somaliland (Somalia Italiana)/Somaliland Trust Territory; Soomalia Mogadishu Somali
522Djibouti French Somaliland; French Territory of the Afars & Issas; Jibuti Djibouti City Djiboutian
530Ethiopia Abyssinia; Ityop'iya/Ityopiya Addis Ababa Ethiopian
531Eritrea Erithrea; Ertra; Iritriya Asmara Eritrean
540Angola Portuguese West Africa Luanda Angolan
541Mozambique Mocambique; Portuguese East Africa Maputo Mozambican
551Zambia Northern Rhodesia Lusaka Zambian
552Zimbabwe Rhodesia (through 1980); Southern Rhodesia Harare Zimbabwean, Rhodesian
553Malawi British Central Africa Protectorate; Nyasaland Lilongwe Malawian
560South Africa Mzantsi Afrika; Ningizimu Africa; Republiek van Suid-Afrika; Suid-Afrika/Suid Afrika Pretoria (official and adminstrative), Cape Town (legislative), Bloemfontein (judicial) South African
565Namibia German West Africa; South-West Africa Windhoek Namibian
570Lesotho Basutoland Maseru Basotho
571Botswana Bechuanaland Gaborone Botswanan, Batswana
572Swaziland eSwatini Mbabane Swazi
580Madagascar Madagasikara; Malagasy Republic; Malgache Republic Antananarivo Madagascan
581Comoros Comores; Comoro Islands; Iles Comores; Komori; Qumur Moroni Comoran, Comorian
590Mauritius Ile de France; Maurice Port Louis Mauritian
591Seychelles Sesel Victoria Seychellois
600Morocco al Magrib; Al-Mamlakah al-Maghribiyah; French Morocco; Maroc; Marruecos Rabat Moroccan
615Algeria Algerie; Al-Jazair/Al-Jaza'ir Algiers Algerian
616Tunisia Tunis; Tunisie Tunis Tunisian
620Libya Libia; Libiyah; Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

Included Tripolitania, Cyrenaica, Fezzan
Tripoli Libyan
625Sudan Anglo-Egyptian Sudan; As-Sudan; Jumhuriyat as-Sudan; Soudan Khartoum Sudanese
626South Sudan Southern Sudan Juba South Sudanese
630Iran Persia Tehran / Teheran Iranian, Persian
640Turkey Osmanli Empire; Ottoman Empire; Turkiye Ankara

(Istanbul/Constantinople is another major city that is sometimes used by writers to refer to Turkey or its predecessors)
Turkish, Ottoman
645Iraq Al-ʿIraq; Irak; Mesopotamia Baghdad Iraqi
651Egypt Misr; United Arab Republic/UAR/U.A.R. (1958-1971) Cairo Egyptian
652Syria Ash Sham / Esh Sham; Syrie / La Syrie; Suriyyah

Part of United Arab Republic 1958-1961
Damascus Syrian
660Lebanon Grand Liban; Great Lebanon Liban; Lubnan; Mount Lebanon

Part of Levant States with Syria
Beirut Lebanese
663Jordan Al-Urdunn; Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; Transjordan; Transjordania Amman Jordanian
666Israel Israil; Palestine (until 1948); Yisra'el Jerusalem (Tel Aviv temporarily from 5/1948-12/1948)

Most states maintain embassies in Tel Aviv because they do not recognize Israeli sovereignty over all of Jerusalem)
670Saudi Arabia Al-Mamlakah al-Arabiyah as-Saudiyah; Hejaz and Nejd/Hijaz and Nejd; Saudia; Wahabbid Empire

Included Hejaz/Hedjaz/Hijaz/Al-Hijaz and Nejd/Nejed/Najd
Riyadh (Dariyah until 1818) Saudi
678Yemen Arab Republic North Yemen; Sanaa/Sana'a/Sana Sanaa/Sana'a/Sana (Taiz 1948-1962) Yemeni, Yemenite
679Yemen Al-Yaman Sanaa/Sana'a/Sana Yemeni, Yemenite
680Yemen People's Republic Aden; Aden Colony; Federation of South Arabia; People's Democratic Rep. of Yemen; People's Rep. of Southern Yemen; South Yemen Aden Yemeni, Yemenite
690Kuwait al-Kuwayt; Koweit; Kuweit; Kuwayt Kuwait City Kuwaiti
692Bahrain al-Baḥrayn; Bahrein Manama Bahraini
694Qatar Katar Doha Qatari
696United Arab Emirates Al-Imarat Al-Arabiyah Al-Muttahidah; Trucial Coast; Trucial Oman; Trucial States Abu Dhabi Emirati
698Oman Muscat/Musqat/Masqat; Muscat and Oman; 'Umman Muscat Omani
700Afghanistan Afganestan; Afganistan Kabul Afghan, Afghani
701Turkmenistan Turkmen; Turkmenia; Turkoman Republic

Part of Russian Turkestan
Ashgabat Turkmen, Turcoman
702Tajikistan Tadjikistan; Tadzhikistan; Tajik Tojokiston; Tojokistan Dushanbe Tajikistani, Tajik
703Kyrgyzstan Kirgizia; Kirghizstan; Kirgizstan; Kyrgyz Republic; Kyrgyzstan Bishkek Kyrgyz, Kyrgyzstani, Kirgiz, Kirgizstani
704Uzbekistan Ozbekistan; Uzbek Republic; Uzbekiston Tashkent (Samarkand from 1925-1930s) Uzbekistani, Uzbek
705Kazakhstan Kazachstan; Kazakh Republic; Kazakstan; Qazakstan Astana (was Alma-Atta 1992-1993 / renamed Almaty 1993-1998) Kazakhstani, Kazakh
710China Chungkuo; "Communist China"; Jhongguo; "Mainland China"; People's Republic of China (PRC); "Red China"; Zhongguo Beijing Chinese
712Mongolia Mongol Uls; Mongolian People's Republic; Outer Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Mongolian
713Taiwan Chinese Taipei; Formosa; "Free China"; "Nationalist China"; Republic of China (ROC); Taipei; T'aiwan Taipei Taiwanese
730Korea Chosen; Choson; Tae Han Seoul Korean
731North Korea Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK); Choson Pyongyang Korean, North Korean
732South Korea Republic of Korea (ROK); Hanguk Seoul Korean, South Korean
740Japan Nihon; Niphon; Nippon Tokyo (Kyoto until 1868) Japanese
750India Bharat; Bharata; British India; Intiy New Delhi (Calcutta 1772-1912; Simla was the summer capital under British rule) Indian
760Bhutan Druk yul/Druk-yul Thimphu Bhutanese
770Pakistan West Pakistan Islamabad (Karachi 1947-1959, Rawalpindi 1959-1967) Pakistani
771Bangladesh Bangla Desh; Banglades; East Bengal (1947-1955); East Pakistan (1955-1971) Dhaka Bangladeshi
775Myanmar Burma (through 1989); Myanmar (1989+); Myanma Pyinmana (Yangoon/Rangoon 1948-2005) Burmese, Burman, Myanmarese
780Sri Lanka Ceylon (through 1972); Llankai Colombo (official), Kotte (legislative and judicial) Sri Lankan, Lankan
781Maldive Islands Divehi Rajje; Maldives Male Maldivian
790Nepal (none) Kathmandu Nepalese, Nepali
800Thailand Muang Thai; Prathet Thai; formerly Siam Bangkok Thai, Siamese
811Cambodia Cambodge; Camboja; Kampuchea; Khmer Republic (1970-75) Phnom Penh Cambodian, Kampuchean, Khmer
812Laos Lao Vientiane Laotian, Lao
816Vietnam Democratic Republic of Vietnam (DRV)/North Vietnam (until 1975); Viet Nam Hanoi Vietnamese, North Vietnamese
817Republic of Vietnam Republic of Vietnam (RVN); South Vietnam Saigon Vietnamese, South Vietnamese
820Malaysia Federated Malay States; Federation of Malaya; Malaya; Malayan Union Kuala Lumpur Malaysian, Malay
830Singapore Cinkappur; Singapura; Xinjiapo Singapore Singaporean
835Brunei Brunei Darussalam Bandar Seri Begawan Bruneian
840Philippines Filipinas; Islas Filipinas; Pilipinas; Republica de Filipinas; Republika ng Pilipinas Manila (Quezon City 1948-1976) Filipino
850Indonesia Dutch East Indies; Netherlands East Indies; Netherlands Indies Jakarta Indonesian
860East Timor Portuguese Timor; Timor L'este/Timor Leste; Timor Lorosa'e Dili Timorese
900Australia (none) Canberra (Melbourne 1901-1927) Australian
910Papua New Guinea Included Papua (British New Guinea) and Trust Territory of New Guinea (German New Guinea) Port Moresby New Guinean, Papuan, Guinean
920New Zealand Aotearoa Wellington (Russell 1840-1841, Auckland 1841-1865) New Zealand, (informal) Kiwi
935Vanuatu New Hebrides (through 1980) Port Vila Vanuatan
940Solomon Islands (none) Honiara (Tulaghi 1896-1942) Solomon Island, Solomon Islander
946Kiribati (none) South Tarawa I-Kiribati
947Tuvalu (none) Funafuti Tuvaluan
950Fiji Fiji Islands Suva (Levuka under British rule from 1874-1877) Fijian
955Tonga Friendly Islands Nuku'alofa Tongan
970Nauru Naoero None (Government offices in Yaren District)Nauruan
983Marshall Islands (none) Majuro Marshallese
986Palau Belau; Pelew Koror Palauan
987Federated States of Micronesia (none) Palikir Micronesian
990Samoa Western Samoa

Part of Navigators Islands (included both Western and American Samoa)
Apia Samoan, Western Samoan

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